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 National Bank of Public Works and Services, Banobras S.N.C.


About Banobras

Banobras is the Mexican Development Bank in charge of promoting and financing infrastructure projects and public services, mainly, through sub-national government lending and project finance.

With more than 75 years supporting the infrastructure development in Mexico, Banobras offers its clients innovative financial products that help them to fulfill its financial requirements and that allow them to develop projects with high social profitability that improve population’s well being.

Banobras also promotes private participation in the development of infrastructure. By encouraging an efficient use of private sector capital, the Bank contributes to the development of strategic projects that the country needs.  

Banobras also complements the financing given by the commercial banks, facilitating the access to loans to clients, whose financial needs are not completely covered by private sector financial intermediaries.

The Bank also acts as trustee of the National Infrastructure Fund, the most important trust of the Federal Government directed to infrastructure. The Fund was created to increase national and international private investment in this sector. It also contributes to achieve the goals established in the National Infrastructure Program 2007-2012. 


Financial Products and Services

Banobras’ business lines go beyond the traditional lending. By developing innovative schemes, the Bank offers its clients a variety of financial alternatives for the development of infrastructure. Among its products and services are:  

  • Sub-national financing
  • Project financing
  • Structuring of infrastructure projects
  • Financial agent of the Federal Government
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Trust Management
  • Specialized Technical Assistance

All these products and services allow the Bank to broaden the infrastructure financing frontier, so that more resources are channeled to the sector and more project are developed. In this way, Banobras contributes to job creation, to improve competitiveness, and therefore, to the country’s economic growth.

Furthermore, in order to continue with the infrastructure development under the current economic situation, Banobras, together with the National Infrastructure Fund, offers financial schemes that give public tender participants the possibility to get financing for the development of strategic projects.

Financial data

Banobras is a solid financial institution. Its strong capitalization index of 19% allows the Bank to take risks that other financial entities are unwilling or unable to take and to undertake large scale projects that require long-term investments.

As a result, the Bank reports healthy profits that exceed 100 million dollars a year. Its loan granting activity amounts more than 3 billion dollars.

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